Jeanny & Stephen - Lost Gulch Overlook Engagement -

Jeanny & Stephen – Lost Gulch Overlook Engagement

Jeanny & Stephen will finally be tying the knot soon after spending the past five years together. To celebrate, we found some of the best views for their engagement session at Lost Gulch Overlook in Boulder! Colorado gave us one of those rare warm, sunny January days making it even more of a joy to get to spend time with these two!

Jeanny & Stephen met through OkCupid in the summer of 2015. On their first date, they met up at Sweet Cow before strolling down 16th Street Mall. Despite being followed that evening, Stephen was very gallant and kind, making Jeanny felt super safe next to him. They kept in touch daily following their first date, and quickly decided they wanted to give the relationship a shot and made things official on their second date!

Their proposal story is one of the absolute sweetest things. Stephen had been planning to propose on a trip to California, but the ring wasn’t finished in time. When they got back, he decided to hide it in his dresser drawer until the right moment came, and then decided to move it into his car so Jeanny didn’t accidentally find it when she was cleaning.

One day Jeanny was sick, and asked Stephen to take her to get pho for lunch. While they were eating, a blizzard began. Stephen ran to bring the car around for her so she didn’t have to walk through the storm. When she got in, she popped open the cup holder to put down her boba and saw a pretty wrapped box. Low and behold, it was the ring that Stephen was trying to hide from her!

He decided to not put it off any longer and propose right then and there in the car. You can bet that Jeanny immediately began to feel better after saying yes through her tears!

Getting to spend time with people like Jeanny & Stephen is one of the best parts of being a photographer, and I am so glad we got to spend such a gorgeous evening at Lost Gulch!

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